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Types of women fashion style in all over the world 2023

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Fashion is a kind of self-expression and self-determination at a
particular time and place and in a specific context of accessories like:

ü Clothing

ü Footwear

ü Lifestyle

ü Makeup

ü Hairstyle

ü Jewelry

These items implies a gorgeous look which is defined by the fashion
industry as that is going with the trend. Each and everything which is
considered as fashion is renowned by the Fashion system and social media.

Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage where people enjoy and
celebrate their each and every moment. And the people of Pakistan especially
the women are fashion conscious when it comes down to events.

women fashion



Momina Ammar is the top trending brand for all kind of fashion
trends. It offers numerous trendy dresses in a wide range of stuff like crepe,
raw silk, linen, khaddar, lawn, chiffon and many more.

On the other side, Firdous is the most famous and appreciated brand
which contains both stitched and unstitched attires.

 What are some types of fashion styles?

Athleisure style:

Athleisure fashion style is a recent addition to the list of different styles that women love. This aesthetic is the perfect mix of perfectly comfortable staples for the gym and casual clothes for coffee with friends.
Mastering the “athletic” and “casual” look is pretty simple. Key elements are oversized pieces mixed with fitted styles, such as loose hoodies paired with biker shorts or technical pants paired with sports bras. Here, clean cuts and simple silhouettes meet fitness-inspired accessories like baseball caps and backpacks.

Simply put, the perfect sporty style of clothing is one that makes you look like you’re always on the go.
Check out our complete guide to mastering athleisure style!

Parisian style:

Parisian fashion style is all about being très chic while using minimalism. Think of it as an effortlessly cool, classic, lightweight aesthetic that exudes subtle hints of sophistication. Parisian style is the perfect blend of dressed up and relaxed with monochrome wardrobe staples that co-exist perfectly in your rotation.
Instead of full makeup with foundation and heavy lipstick, French girls opt for tinted moisturizers or concealers along with a “clean girl” hairstyle. Neutral tones, blazers, white button-down shirts, jeans, white sneakers and fine jewelry take center stage in this menswear.
So unlike the bold and many printed pieces at Emily In Paris, universal and timeless basics are preferred.
Check out our complete guide to mastering Parisian style!

Classic style:

While many types of fashion styles are about trusting the “basics”, nothing can compete with the timeless appeal of a classic style of dressing. Rather than relying on trends, the classic aesthetic is based on elegant, refined pieces such as simple jeans with a blazer and accompanying accessories in neutral tones such as scarves and handbags or crossbody bags.
When building a classic wardrobe, black, dark blue, gray and brown shades are preferred. So, tailored suits and skirts, button-down shirts, light-colored sweaters, wool coats, trench coats, and solid-colored pumps or clogs are the most trusted classic staples.
Ultimately, this aesthetic is all about clean, perfectly cut pieces that work for any occasion.

Business Casual style:

Probably one of the most popular types of fashion styles, business casual, born in Silicon Valley in the early 1980s, is pretty self-explanatory. Consider it the perfect combination of traditional business attire with more relaxed pieces that are office-appropriate but not overly formal or polished. However, that doesn’t mean that this aesthetic is strictly for duty wear.
Skirts, trousers, blouses, blazers and flats or ankle boots can be your everyday choice. Sweaters, cardigans and polo shirts/knits perfectly paired with tailored trousers in neutral or dark shades give a smart yet comfortable and elegant vibe that suits the modern woman’s life on the go.
So you can thank the many young computer and internet entrepreneurs who in the past refused to wear business suits because otherwise we would still be wearing restrictive and highly uncomfortable suits on a daily basis.

Retro style:

Nostalgia is the name of the game, and what better way to show your love of vintage than to get into retro territory? The word “old” usually refers to twenty years from now, 20-30 years ago, but most people like to stretch time a little to include 40 or 50 years.

Y2K Revival falls into the same category. That’s why retro style can include bow ties, low-cut jeans, sparkles and very familiar hair.

Do you prefer a wide coat with straps, a tie-dye T-shirt or a suede jacket with tassels?

Vintage style:

Vintage fashion style is the biggest buzzword of 2022! Usually, the term refers to items made between 20 and 100 years ago.


Again, there are no rules for what you should or shouldn’t wear when it comes to vintage dressing. For example, dresses from the 1920s, tweed skirts from the 1940s, Wayfarer sunnies and flannel shirts from the 1990s are actually vintage.


The key to dressing vintage is to choose pieces that represent the era in which they were made. And while you can go all vintage, sprinkle your look with modern elements to make it even more interesting.


Punk style:

Along with bohemian and business casual, punk style is perhaps one of the most instantly recognizable types of fashion styles in the world. Vivienne Westwood is often cited as the creator of the punk style aesthetic that dates back to the mid-1970s.
While old-school punk was all about leather, denim, metal spikes or studs, chains and military-style boots, 2022 has incorporated many new elements, including patterned skirts, t-shirts and ripped mesh.
Like any other cultural style, punk comes with many sub-genres such as “garage punk”, “glam punk”, “skate punk” and others.


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HSY(Hassan Sheheryar Yasin) was the first choreographer and dress
stylist and he joined the fashion industry with his famous brand named as
“HSY”. This brand is specially designed for the marvelous bridal

Sana and Safinaz started their clothing brand altogether. This
brand is particularly popular for the gorgeous silk collections as well as
casual wear.



·      Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

·      Character, intelligence, strength and style makes the real beauty.

·      Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of daily life.

·      Fashion is like eating. You shouldn’t stick to the same menu.

·      Style is hard to define but easy to spot.




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